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Home Energy Savings

Home Energy Audit

When I purchased my home my priority was to reduce my monthly expenses as much as possible and one of my first thoughts was my utility bill. If you've purchased an older home you'll sometimes find that the home doesn't include the newer fancy energy efficient Windows and appliances. After researching ways to reduce my energy bill I found that my utility provider actually offered a FREE home energy audit. 
They sent out an energy specialist to identify all the ways you can save on your utility bill. Once the audit is complete they'll send you a detailed report and even offer you a rebate on certain items: 

Recommendations And Rebates

Ceiling Insulation Rebate
Your attic is the easiest and most effective place to add insulation to improve efficiency. Attic insulation is measured by the ability it has to resist heat, which is represented by an R-Value. For most Florida homes, the Department of Energy recommends attic insulation between R-30 and R-38 (typically a depth of 12 to 15 inches).

Wall Insulation Rebate
Air leakage through your walls can waste 20 percent or more of the energy to heat and cool your home. Improving the insulation of your walls is a great step toward sealing your home and saving.

All exterior walls must be block construction to qualify.

Floor Insulation Rebate
Insufficient floor insulation can result in heat loss and drafts. Install floor insulation to block air infiltration, avoid drafts and feel more comfortable while using less energy.

ENERGY STAR® Window Rebate
Consider replacing single pane windows with ENERGY STAR® rated double pane windows, which can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. As added benefits, you may also enjoy increased comfort, less outside noise and peace of mind knowing your home is more secure.

To qualify, windows must be ENERGY STAR® rated for Florida.

Heat Pump Rebate
Heating and cooling your home is the largest portion of your energy costs. When it is time to upgrade, replace your old HVAC system with a high-efficiency heat pump and you could cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent.

To qualify, the new heat pump system must have a rating of 14 SEER or higher. You are required to submit a copy of the performance certification form provided by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). Additionally, a copy of the final invoice is required to include the model numbers for both the condenser and air handler units installed.

Duct Repair/Replacement Rebate
Duct leaks make heating and cooling units work longer and harder to maintain comfort in your home. Properly sealed ducts will lower your energy bill and improve the efficiency and performance of your central heating and cooling systems.

To qualify, you must have a central heating and air conditioning system, and all accessible boots, joints and seams of the ADS that are leaking must be sealed using the appropriate method for fixing the leak. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved duct tape, mesh tape and mastic are the only qualifying sealant materials allowed. Additionally, any penetration of the ADS through the ceiling must be properly sealed off to avoid any air transfer from your attic to conditioned space.

ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washing

Machine Appliance Rebate
Today’s ENERGY STAR® clothes washing machines use 25-30 percent less electricity and 50 percent less water, than conventional models. When it is time to replace your clothes washer, consider upgrading to an ENERGY STAR® appliance.

Receipt and proof of an ENERGY STAR® qualification are required to receive this rebate.

Toilet Replacement
Toilets can account for about 10 percent of a typical home's water use. Replacing older models with new efficient ones can save thousands of gallons a year, helping you conserve water, save money and protect our natural resources.

Efficiency Delivered
From attic insulation to replacing your air conditioner filter, you can make a series of improvements that add up to big savings. Even better, OUC will send out an approved contractor to do the work. You only pay for the cost of the improvement — either upfront or, for those who qualify, spread out over an interest-free, 12-month period on your utility bill.

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