Foreign Buyers Step by Step Guide

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After making your initial enquiry with us we will be more than pleased to discuss your personal requirements, and help you in putting information together before you even leave for Florida to view properties to purchase.

It is important that you are comfortable with everything before you go and that you have all the information that will help you have an enjoyable and successful trip. No question is to small to be answered. We are here to listen, advice and assist you all the way.


If you have come to a decision to take your enquiry further the next step is an Inspection Trip (J.T.) arranging Flights, Villa and Car Hire. At this time an initial date is chosen and a day is arranged for your first look at vacation homes.



One of our Realtors will meet you at your villa and discuss requirements. You will then be introduced to the builders,that we feel will suit you best. You will view properties and locations which should hopefully start to give you a picture of what is available and meets your personal criteria.

Normally after a full day viewing properties,you will be exhausted, ready to sit by your pool and to relax. By now you will have probably discarded quite a few properties and locations and narrowed it down to two or three favorites. This is when you will want to take as much as you need to focus on what you really want from your home. We are here to assist and help you until you are ready to make a final.

If you decision is to purchase property we will sit with you and explain the procedure involved in the transaction. At this stage, you will need to pay a deposit of $5,000.00, this will hold your Lot (the piece of land chosen) and the contract of your chosen home.

A sales contract is then completed and then the fun begins. This is when you add your personal touch and chose the carpet, bathrooms, kitchens,cabinets,tiles and of course the swimming pool. If new all the details will go into the contract and a copy is given to you for your records. Through all of this, remember we are there to help with any questions or queries. This is an exciting time in realizing your Florida dream and we are with you every step of the way.

You will need to open an American bank account to complete the whole process. We will take you to a very reputable, local bank and assist you in opening your own account.

IT a mortgage is required this would have been discussed back in England and probably you would have chosen to be pre-qualified.

We can arrange with no obligation a consultation with an International Loan Officer during your inspection trip who will fully explain the programs and the requirements. He will guide you as the documentation that is likely to be required to complete your mortgage application. Tills is free consultation and of course it is fully confidential.

The management is very important and we will introduce you to the team who will be working with you on administration, maintenance, and reservation. At this time it is good to discuss and get understanding of how the long-term management works.

Before you return to the U.K. you will probably visit your chosen builder several times. IT a furniture pack is included they will ask to meet and choose the furniture for your new home, again this is an exciting part and fun. IT it is not included we will introduce you to a reputable furniture company that can supply you with a full furniture pack.


On your return to the U.K. the processing of the paperwork and contracts will be continued, and when everything is completed the builder will commence the construction of your new vacation home. While your home is being constructed we will inform you of the development with reports and photographs.


Upon satisfactory completion of all the work by the builder, we coordinate the closing package from the title and mortgage companies as well as organizing the relevant insurance’s etc. This is all of the legal documentation that will be required to transfer ownership of the property to you. All of this work is completed by a fully licensed and bonded title company (equivalent to a UK solicitor) if you choose to complete the transaction in your home country, or if you wish to travel back to Florida, we will make sure you have the relevant documents or appointments with the correct people at the correct time. IT you decide to have the closing away from Florida, we will also make sure that you have full instructions of what exactly to do in what order. IT you take a U.S. mortgage and close away from Florida, you will need a notary to sign the closing package and witness your signatures.

Once this is complete. CONGRATULATIONS! You now own the property!